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I try to do my makeup every day, it makes me feel confident and like I can take on any challenge of the day that gets thrown my way, it my way of helping and making myself feel better, I have listed out my main daily go to makeup products that I love and live by and what I have found to work for me. I have mixed skin, some sections are oily and some are dry but my makeup helps to cover what I need it too. I am in no way a professional with makeup these are just some things that have worked for me, you never know they may work for you too!

MUA Pro Base Primer Stick / Primark PS Prep & Perfect Hydrate Skin Primer (£5/£3)

I was very hesitant to purchase and try both of these products out as I felt they might dry my face out, make my makeup slide or look cakey, but they seem to work well on my skin;` they remain tacky whilst I apply my foundation which I always find helpful so that my foundation stays and attaches to my face well. But whilst I have been trying these out they seem to be working well, so until I find something better, it looks like these will be sticking around for a while.

Maybelline Superstay 24h Full Coverage Foundation 10 Ivory (with a tan) 03 True Ivory (pale) (£9.99)

I think these foundations are okay for my skin but it depends on how my skin is acting up if I’m having a bit of a grey day with my skin, this foundation always wants to play up, but when my skin is doing okay and isn’t dry. Sometimes I may have to add another thin layer around my eyes, but other than that, this works well on my skin and covers what I need it too without it looks cakey or not enough.


Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer C1 (£4)

I have used this concealer for years and I couldn’t go back! This has always hidden any of my flaws that I didn’t want on show, did not dry my skin and did not make my makeup look too much! I did find this to be a little thick but I would not apply a lot of this so it spread out perfectly! Especially around the creases on my nose but this is my perfect concealer, I will always have 1 in my bag ready to go and a spare for emergencies!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder 001 Translucent (£3.99)

I have always used this as my main base setting powder before I use my bronzer or contour etc. This helps to set my foundation and concealer down so that it stays in one place until I set it all down properly with my Kylie Translucent Powder.

Kiko Green Me Bronzer (£11.99)

I don’t tend to bother too much with bronzer but I always use them to warm my face up and give me a bit of colour, as I am naturally quite pale with not much bone structure on my cheekbones, so adding this just helps me to show I have a bit of colour. This one seemed to be a good shade for me and I always love a Kiko purchase.

Revolution Contour Palette (£8)

Contour and brightening in one palette! These are something I will use very lightly, as I already have bronzer on to show some colour I just  use this to emphasise and add more of a cheekbone to my face, these colours can sometimes also look too dark if I do not have a tan, but when I have a spray tan which is the majority of the time, they work perfectly!

Kylie Cosmetics Translucent Powder ($24)

My new go-to face power at the minute, a bit pricier than I would normally pay, but I have found this hasn’t dried my skin out as much as most powders do. Around lunchtime I will also dampen my beauty blender and use this powder again, this makes my makeup look fresh again when I’m starting to flag in the day, I think I got this tip from a Jaclyn Hill video. This does not crack around my nose which is always my worry with powders and it doesn’t let my makeup move anywhere.

Kybrow Full Brow Products – 

Kybrow Kylie Jenner Brow Powder Duo – Ebony ($16) Kybrow Kylie Jenner Brow Pomade – Ebony ($16) Kybrow Kylie Jenner Light Shimmer – Brow highlight ($12) Kybrow Kylie Jenner Pencil ($14)

All of these brow products are perfect for me. I spend a lot of effort making sure my eyebrows look okay as I think it brings my face together, without having good products to make this happen, it will not work! I like to have nice clean curved arch brows with a fluffy bridge start. These products work for me.

Kybrow Kylie Jenner Extreme Hold Gel ($16)

Once I have spent time shaping and shading my brows out I always apply this since I bought it! My eyebrows do not move until I remove my makeup later in the day, but I spend more time and energy on my eyebrows than I do on any other part of my face, so to have something that holds my brows in place was great. On the odd occasion, I will use the Schwarzkopf got 2b glued but the Kybrow Hold Gel is more practical to carry daily.

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection (£49 for all or £15 each)

I’m OBSESSED with the Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection! I love having a different one in my bag every day and creating new looks with all of the colours, there is a bunch of colours no matter what mood, outfit or day it is and I love it! I love being able to bring my entire look together by having these beautiful colours to contrast. These are my all-time favourite palettes and they are such great quality. I think the little features that went into these products was a nice touch, with the individual names of the palettes and the different colour confetti. I will not leave home without one.

Brown Mascara (£2)

I only use a cheap brown mascara as I already have individual Russian eyelashes so I do not need to wear mascara, and I find using brown mascara for my bottom lashes helps to bring my blue eyes out more and make them look even bigger, which draws attention to my eyeshadow.

Kylie Santorini Loose Powder Highlighter ($14)

The loose powders by Kylie Cosmetics I also find amazing, they can be messy and make my beauty desk covered but it gives me an amazing blinding highlight, it helps to emphasise my carved out cheekbones and nose out more. Santorini is my ultimate favourite!

Real Techniques Beauty Sponge (£6)

These have always been my standard go to sponges! They are a reasonable price and they do the job. They come in a variety of colours and sizes I typically just get the standard orange ones.

Morphe Beauty Sponge (£8)

I use this mainly to set my loose translucent powder to carve out my cheekbones and do my under eyes, with this sponge having a straight edge it helps to get a very defined cheekbone and into the crease into my nose perfectly to make sure it doesn’t move.

Morphe X Jeffree Star Brush Set (£48)

This comes with seven brushes and they are perfect for on the go! You can buy these in a set or individually but as a set, they are perfect to carry around on a daily basis within the bag that you can get with the set and then apply my makeup quickly and without any issues.


Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Master Collection (£160)

I bought the entire brush collection of these, however, you can buy these in sets; The Master Collection (£160) The Complexion Master (£50) and The Eye Master (£39) but once again all these brushes can be sold individually. I will use this collection daily also. I will not carry every single brush as there are a lot and they are a variety of sizes so they will not all fit but they are great to use and comfortable to hold.

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