Welcome to The Average Blogger

Hello all, this is my first post to the world.

My plan for this blog is to talk through my thoughts and opinions as well as advice and tips that I’ve come across on the way.

I have always been interested in peoples opinions of specific topics and how people have a perspective in this world and I want to present that too, I am hoping some may agree with my opinions.

I want to look at FASHION and what the key trends are at the minute, what I would typically wear or I think may suit people, this could be different outfits, accessories and how to own it!

HEALTH & WELLBEING is another factor to talk about important things such as mental health, this will be an opportunity for me to talk about my mental health and how I am dealing with this, this could hopefully help others that are dealing with this and can give advice to possible help.

Another topic will be BEAUTY, this will be my favourite brands, what works well with my skin and upcoming makeup launches, this will also have skincare rituals that I follow and any skin care tips I have found to suit.

DAILY LIFE will go through daily tasks that we all have to do on a regular basis, whether this be work, university or just life in general, I wanted to have a place that may give people inspiration to go for things they want in this world, and ways that you could go in the right direction.

I hope this blog feels like something people look forward to and await the next post to see how I could help even if it is just one person!

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